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  Nirman Shelters [B] Pvt. Ltd.
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VLN’S NIRMAN BHAVAN, #71, K.R.Road, Basavanagudi,

This Company has formed five residential layouts titled ‘Nirman’, ‘Nisarga’, ‘Nandanavana’, ‘Nirmal Nagar’ and ‘Navya’ at different locations on the outskirts of Bangalore.

All the layouts are approved by BMRDA, Government of Karnataka except ‘Nirman Layout’ formed on the lands of Koppa village, which was formed during 1995 when the BMRDA act was not in force, and this layout as per the then existing rules was approved by the authorities of local village Panchayath. Some more newly purchased lands have been added to this layout and the proposal to get the approval by BMRDA for the revised Layout plan including newly purchased lands is under process.

Now it has come to the knowledge of this company that, some people who have purchased sites from all the above layouts formed by this Company are in the process of reselling the same to gullible people hiding certain facts which are very vital to possess perfect title for the property/site sold, like originality and the legality of the parent documents, status about conversion of land use and other statutory approvals, payments due to the company in respect of the site proposed for sale, etc.

Therefore with a view to safeguarding the interests of such intending purchasers on Re-sale basis this caution notice is published requesting the purchasers to insist upon a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE issued by this company which will highlight the legality and status about the conversion orders, statutory approvals, parent documents, payments due to the Company and to Maintenance Organisation etc., by the previous purchaser.

In spite of the above advice, it may please be noted that, if any site is purchased from the Reseller/Agent directly from any of our layouts without insisting for the N.O.C as explained above, this Company will not be responsible in any manner for such transaction and will not bear any responsibility for the damages suffered by the Purchaser. The Company will also not be responsible for the maintenance of such properties.


Nirman Shelters (B) Pvt. Ltd., No. 36/2, 1st Floor, Patalamma Temple Street, Near South End Circle, Basavanagudi, Bangalore - 560 004, Karnataka, India.
Call: + 91-80 40607100 (10 Lines), + 91-80 - 26570707 / 8 /9, Fax: + 91-80 40607130.
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